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We protect the constitutional or civil rights of persons who have been victimized by the police, or other government officials.

Our firm is dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of American citizens. We are proud members of the National Lawyers Guild’s Police Accountability Project. The project is a consortium of lawyers from across the country who exclusively represents citizens whose state and federal rights have been violated.

We believe that governmental power must be closely regulated and that those who are given authority over us as individuals must never abuse that authority. Freedom requires diligence.

We dedicate ourselves to be diligent in protecting your rights as citizens of this country from false arrests, malicious prosecutions, excessive force, wrongful death, failure to protect and provide proper medical care to prisoners, etc.

Join us in our efforts to protect the Constitution. If you feel your rights or those of a friend or family members were abused and violated contact us. If you want to learn more about the Constitution and what new threats there are to those rights, read our blog and tune in to our radio show which is every Sunday evening from 7 pm to 9pm. We will take questions from our listeners and discuss current events and cases.

  • Kelsi
    Tony represented me when I had lost all hope.  He was AMAZING!!

Victim of Police Violations?

Our law firm and attorneys are experienced in Civil Rights litigation in both the Federal and State Courts. We help those that do not know how to help themselves.