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It is not about justice, it’s about the rules.
June 9, 2016
March 7, 2017

As a proud member of the National Lawyers Guilds Police Accountability Project, I represent victims of police and prosecutorial misconduct. I believe that the way to effect change is through the court system. The following are verdicts and settlements from various cases around the country where citizens constitutional rights were violated by the very government and officials sworn to protect them.

$1.12 Million – in compensatory damages for the violation of civil rights of a woman who was falsely arrested, humiliated and physically abused for her political views.
$7.75 million- Civil Rights and wrongful death action brought by the family of deceased
$2.25 million- Wrongful death case against Police for the shooting death of family member
$1,000,000- False arrest, malicious prosecution by Police and brutality by Sheriffs
$600,000- False arrest and excessive force case against Police
$443,725- False arrest, malicious prosecution and excessive force by Police
$400,000- False arrest, malicious prosecution and excessive force by Police
$298,000- False arrest, malicious prosecution, excessive force and other Civil Rights violations

The Fourth amendment to Our Constitution must be protected from constant assault from people who would naively have us believe that security is worth more than freedom. It must be strengthened by Lawyers and citizens who are knowledgeable in their rights and not afraid to stand up against those in authority.

Remember the Fourth amendment is your first line of defense as an individual citizen against the power of the State and federal governments. It protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures. It protects you from excessive force used in an arrest. It protects against you being falsely arrested and prosecuted.

The purpose of this our website, blog and internet radio show is to discuss various cases involving the abuse of citizen’s rights by governmental actors. I will discuss the various at issue play within these cases and answer questions from our readers and listeners. Come join us and learn the value of your constitutional rights…

Tony Mathis

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